Buying & Selling Experience

Late 2010 my wife at the time and I were searching for our first home. Gilbert knew exactly how the process worked and eased any nerves or reservations we had. In a few short weeks, Gilbert delivered on his promise; after many, many home viewings we finally settled on the one! He was always there to explain exactly what was happening and diligently walked us through every step of the closing process.

My story doesn’t stop here though; unfortunately, four years later my wife and I decided to separate. I called Gilbert to inform him of the situation and that we needed to sell our house to finalize all proceedings. Without any hesitation he walked us through all of our options and explained how we would go about listing and putting the house on the market. Within two months the house was sold at a profit I was more than happy with and all of the closing procedures went by without a single hitch.

When it is all said and done I can assure you won’t just walk away telling people about the amazing realtor you had; you’ll walk away telling people about the new friend you’ve made and the incredible experience he helped you navigate through while ensuring all of your needs were met.

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